"How we show up to this moment matters most. When we are anxious or fatigued it is easy to forget our interconnection and the roles we have in creating a just and peace-filled society." ~Seane Corn

Metaphysical & Healing Touch Practitioner


My name is Deana

I am a Metaphysical Practitioner, an energy healer, that utilizes spiritual practices to heal not only the conditions of the physical body but emotional as well. As a trauma survivor, I have a personal interest in helping other’s navigate their own journey towards a happier and healthier tomorrow. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, headaches, stiff and sore muscles, emotional instability, or experience gastrointestinal (GI) issues you are in the right place. Using subtle energy healing techniques is a powerful and profound way to support and maintain your health and well-being.  

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