7-Chakra Balance & Healing Program

I developed the 7-Chakra Balance & Healing Program because the components in it have changed my life. I feel a spiritual awakening taking place, a rebirth if you will where I’m working towards shedding my old thoughts and belief patterns that were limiting and holding me back. I can feel the healing taking place from within more and more each day.

This program is a system for working on your own personal growth and recovery.  The components of this program are reflections of my learnings over the past few years, a collection of spiritual insights and divine guidance.  The program’s foundation, it’s philosophy and belief system, come from my metaphysics training while the course growthwork components of the program have been adopted from work done by some of my favorite author’s/mentors that have been studying and working with the chakra system for decades.

As you work your way through this program, you will receive energy therapy sessions. These healing sessions have been designed to shift your vibrational frequency. These vibrational shifts work with your energetic system to create balance and harmony, remove blockages, reduce overactive energy (excessive states), and increase underactive (deficient) vibration. You are made up of oscillating strands of energy. When you change and balance vibration, you create a shift that helps your entire being experience more harmony and balance, a state where optimal frequency of vibration exists. There are many reasons why your energy system may be blocked or in an unbalanced state. Illness, injury, negative thoughts, misunderstandings, relationship issues, poor nutrition, lack of movement, emotional pain, spiritual concerns, and childhood issues or traumas are just some examples.

Exploring the belief systems we have in place and how those beliefs influence our lives provides insights into why/how our energy system is blocked. Why we are in an excessive or deficient state. Reasons for why we may feel sluggish, lazy, tired, be fearful of change, feel disconnected from our physical bodies or maybe have poor focus and discipline. These states of being influence our lives and can be traced back to childhood traumas.

Learn how to connect with your inner self through guided meditations, affirmations and visualizations. these are great tools at our disposal, are simple to implement and don’t take up a lot of time. All it takes is 20 minutes of meditation a day!

Journey into and explore the primary chakras, also known as sensory organs, and learn their function and purpose.

Establish new patterns and practices of reality to enhance your life.

Visual images of your progress using Biofield software that reveals light and patterns (energy flow) not visible to the naked eye.

Learn techniques designed to open, balance, and connect your energy enabling your core creative energy to flow. Utilizing these methods on a daily basis will help keep your energy flowing in between your energy therapy sessions. Once you have completed the program you will be able to maintain good energy flow by practicing these methods on yourself.

It is through the understanding of ourselves that we can move forward into our wholeness, into the beautiful beings of light that we all are.

How The Service Works 

Once you have chosen the 7-Chakra Balance & Healing Program Package service and completed required form fields, you will receive an order receipt. The order receipt contains a code that allows you to schedule your 7 Individual Energy Therapy Sessions included as part of the program. Program material will be emailed to you once payment is received.