My Story

Do you often feel nervous, restless, or tense? Perhaps you have trouble sleeping, concentrating, or you feel weak or tired and suffer from sore, stiff muscles. Do you feel anxious and worry that you won’t be able to get your anxiety, fear, or worry under control?

I am a trauma survivor and have spent my life in what I would describe as emotional turmoil. As a result, I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) with a high propensity towards panic attacks. If I don’t nurture my soul and take care of myself, it is very likely I will have another
anxiety or panic attack. Or, worst case scenario, have a heart attack from the undue stress placed on my body.

After I was diagnosed with GAD, I took the advice given to me by my family physician and cardiologist but didn’t feel any better. I still felt anxious, tense, pressure in my chest, numbness in my arms and fingers, and had trouble sleeping. It was at this point I decided to become my own health advocate through education, research, and years of study and hands on experience. It was through this experience I became aware of my gifts. My intuitiveness, high sense perception, and ability to sense, feel, and see the life force energy of the body.

When I first started my journey I was desperate for a solution that would “fix me”. I was looking for a program I could follow that provided all the components necessary to get me on the path to health and happiness. A one-stop shop kind of solution that provided all the techniques and tools to be successful in my health endeavor.  I searched high and low and wasn’t able to find a self contained program that could provide what I was looking for. Over the past few years I have developed such a program! This solution is based on the HeartMath Institute’s decades of research and study, as well integrates subtle energy techniques designed to open, connect and balance your biofield.  

It’s easy to fall back into old habits, patterns of doing or thinking in certain ways. In fact, ninety five percent of our “programming” is based on the experiences we had within the first seven years of our lives. These experiences and our reactions to them become our internal programming and are buried deep within our subconscious mind. We go through life unconsciously operating based on our subconscious programming.

The Heart-Focused Wellness Program is an in-depth 4-part series where you will learn how to transform stress through a set of research-based tools by:

  • Neutralizing and replacing stressful emotions.
  • Regaining vitality by stopping energy drains that deplete health and mental and emotional resilience.
  • Leveraging the ability to think clearly and discern appropriate solution to problems.
  • Unfolding coherent, effective communication skills.
  • Decreasing unseen friction in relationships resulting in time efficiencies and less drain from emotional trauma.