Biofield Imaging Energy Therapy Session

For a lot of people, their physical reality is all that exists. Anything outside of what can be perceived using the five senses (sight, touch, taste, smell and sound) doesn’t hold truth. The fact of the matter is all physical matter is energy. This is true for our physical bodies and the organs within, chemical compounds naturally found in nature, the food we consume, our loving pets that share our lives, the furniture we sit on, everything is energy including inanimate objects. In fact, even though our minds are centralized in the brain, as fields of energy, they are not confined to the physical body. The energies of our mind are on different frequencies or wavelengths that correspond to particular emotions within us at any given time. There is more to you than just your physical body! You exist inside your physical being as well outside your physical structure.

Biofield Imaging Software processes images by filtering gradations and patterns of light not normally visible to the human eye. It is a non-invasive technique where a photo is processed through the Biofield Reader giving insights into the subtle energy surrounding your physical body as well the energy inside your physical structure. The images provided below show the before/after photos of an individual with a torn meniscus. The image on the left is what this person’s energy revealed before receiving an Energy Therapy session with the image on the right reflecting their energy flow after a 1 hour healing session. Congested energy can be seen in the image on the left (before photo) as indicated by the thick bands of red/magenta coloring whereas, the after photo (image on right) reveals less congestion and more energy flow as indicated by the green and orange colors.

How The Service Works

After choosing the Biofield Imaging Energy Therapy Session service you will be prompted to pick a date and time for your
session. Complete the form that follows. If you choose a distant healing session appointment type, a health form will be emailed to you along with
instructions regarding your session. If you are coming for an in-person session, you can complete the health form when you arrive.

With either option (in-person or distance), biofield imaging instructions will be provided to you. While it is not always possible to have
the ideal or optimum conditions (i.e., room lighting, clothing material, temperature, background etc…) the more standardized and consistent your environment, the more accurate analysis.

Once the session has concluded, I will analyze the before/after images and send (email) a written report to you within 48 hours of your healing
session along with my findings.