Mystical Meditation

So what is mystical meditation? The traditional Western style of meditation deals with affirmative self-programming of the personal subconscious mind. It is a technique that aims to achieve mental clarity, emotional calmness, and emotional stability. It usually involves an individual focusing their mind on a certain thought, object, or activity in order to train their attention or awareness. The goal of Western style meditation is self-improvement without a spiritual reference.

Individual Energy Therapy Session

Eastern meditation practices can be summed up simply as BEING IN UNION with our Higher Source. This type of meditation helps us navigate the world we live in from an outer-self perspective but also aligns our inner selves and shines the light on our true being, our purpose in this life.

Mystical meditation is a practice that enables us to understand the workings of our Infinite Mind. The reality of individual and collective life lies in the experience of one’s innermost mind. The goal being to become one with our Higher Self. Guided mystical meditations are designed to move your through the different levels of your mind to obtain this goal.

It is through mystical meditation and energy therapy we can move through the levels of our mind, making stops along the way, if you will, to clear and balance our energy, until we reach and are in UNION with our higher selves.

Mystical Meditation - Journey Through The Chakras Program ($113.75) - Drop In ($20)

The Mystical Meditation – Journey Through The Chakras program is an online event where we meet virtually in the comfort of your own home every other Sunday (7 clinics – $16.25 each). There is also a drop in component available ($20 per class) if you don’t wish to purchase the entire program. The program has been designed to take in order or a’la carte. 

During our time together we will explore the 7 primary chakras using guided mystical meditation and group energy therapy designed to open, balance, and connect these energy centers. I’ll also provide you with useful tools such as affirmations, visualizations and physical exercises you can use to help keep your energy system in a balanced state.

Date: Group Meditation and Energy Clearing and Balancing Clinics: Once every two weeks.

Time:  7:30pm – 8:30pm (MST)

  • Supports your immune system
  • Increase your physical vitality
  • Increase intuition and high sense perception
  • Release congested energy
  • Change and balance vibration raising your frequency
  • Release stress and build resiliency
  • Strengthen your unique connection to Spirit
  • Returns you to your heart, your potential, and your goodness
  • Deepen your roots and expand your grounding

Personalized Intention and Energy Healing Circle ($25/Monthly Membership)

This is a unique offering that provides support and resources as you make your way into your wholeness, the beautiful Being of light that you are. The foundation of this self-care program is the personalized monthly intention based mystical meditation and energy healing you receive.

Once a month, you provide me a specific intention you have for yourself. I will take that intention and create a personalized guided mystical meditation. During this meditation, I will guide you through a visualization and bring in a flow of energy to facilitate the intended balancing based on the intention provided.

During the energy healing process, you will be held in a sacred, loving space. You also receive special discounts, positive thought programming scripts, custom affirmations and so much more!  

  • Personalized meditation and energy healing capsule (1 guided personalized meditation based on your own intention per month)
  • Discounts (50% off one individual energy therapy session per month plus one yoga class per month)
  • Positive thought programming scripts created and designed based on your personal monthly intention
  • Tools and techniques designed to strengthen your energy system
  • Affirmations and visualizations specific to the 7 primary chakras
  • Chakra assessment tool
  • Inspirational content
  • Cancel membership at any time