Glowing Skin Facial Cleansing Oil


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Glowing Skin Facial Cleansing Oil is a natural plant-based solution designed to gently cleanse your skin, remove makeup, moisturize, nourish as well remove environmental pollutants. This unique cleanser has been formulated for women approaching menopause as well those who are well on their journey. The ingredients in this plant-based cleanser have been chosen to help combat the effects lower estrogen levels have on our skin.

Some of the effects lower estrogen have on our skin include: decreased sebum production; skin loses its resiliency; slower cell turn over rate; increased water loss; and less blood flow to capillaries. The results of lower estrogen levels lead to skin dryness, wrinkling, appearance of age spots, slower wound healing as well thinner skin.

It is important to maintain healthy skin barrier function as we travel through our menopausal journeys. We can do this by avoiding over cleansing and stripping our skin, supporting sebum production, avoiding the sun, moisturizing daily and deeply hydrating our skin.


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