Revitalizing Moisture Cream

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The ingredients used to create this luxurious product are plant-based, healing in nature, and well absorbed by the skin. All constituents have been chosen for their skin healing, moisturizing and protective properties. One such element is Sea buckthorn oil. This amazing oil is known for restoring our skins barrier function and reducing trans epidermal water loss (TEWL). Known to protect skin cells, frankincense essential oil has been included for its ability to help reduce blemishes, the appearance of large pores as well as lift and tighten skin. Rich in vitamin E, argan oil aides in the hydration and softening of the skin. Mango butter helps combat dry skin, eczema and dermatitis while camellia seed oil helps keep skin moist and supple.

3 reviews for Revitalizing Moisture Cream

  1. Carla

    I love the face care product line. Let me tell you first about my horror experience, before I used these amazing products. I was using a new face product for about 6 days and when I awoke on the 6th day my face was feeling itchy. By the time I got to work my eyelids were swollen and I had overhanging bags under my eyes. My reaction was getting worse and worse. My nose was even swelling up too. I was excused, by my employer, to go home. As every hour passed by my face was getting worse. I was becoming extremely worried if my face could return to normal.
    Out of extreme panic, I called Deana since I knew she had solid knowledge about oils, plus Deana has amazing skin. I needed help fast and Deana helped me out. The product used was extremely gentle to my skin, considering how irritated and inflamed it was. The swelling did go down. My skin returned to normal. The bags are long gone. I can not say enough about the skin care line. I receive complements about my skin. I am extremely indebted to Deana and her knowledge and what she created. I am now a solid consumer/customer of her face product line.

  2. Terry Y

    I have been using this product as my night moisturizer religiously for a long while now. My sister noticed a difference in my appearance and said that I was looking so youthful and I told her what I was currently using and she said she needed “a bucket full”. 🙂
    Seriously though this product is easy to use, goes a surprisingly long way when used as Deana directs. I only use a small rice sized bit and it spreads all over my face and it’s truly effective. I am fifty-eight years young and people guess my age years younger. I am in LOVE.

  3. Stephanie

    I have been using the moisturizer (along with the cleansing oil) for a couple of years now, it’s a part of my daily routine. If you haven’t noticed, I am in love with Deana’s entire line of natural skincare products. The thing I particularly love about this moisturizer is the fact that I can use it as a night and day cream. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and this keeps my face feeling soft, not to mention it smells amazing as well. I will never use another store bought brand again!!

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