Seasons of Nature

All things in our physical, mental, and spiritual world are governed by the seasons of nature. Being in resonance with the changing seasons allows growth, expansion, and deepens our connection with Self and Mother Earth. By understanding how our mind is interwoven with the change in seasons we begin to comprehend the PATTERNS in our lives and are then able to consciously aid Mother Nature in her attempt to aid us. Studying and understanding the characteristics of how cycles work and how to make use of them, we can have a positive means of enhancing our upward growth in life. This upward growth is accomplished not only by understanding the patterns in our lives but with self-care techniques that keep us grounded to Mother Earth and connected to source. Self-care techniques include meditation, visualization, affirmations, positive thought programming methods, and energy therapy.

– the impress of SPRING on our mind suggests the opportunity for rebirth and renewal. Everything enters a state of renewal during this time of year. The sun shines brightly, plants and flowers begin to bloom, and animals emerge from hibernation once again. Spring is a great time to embark on new journeys and start new projects with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Spring’s energy starts to rise within us and brings about excitement, rejuvenation, and resumption.

SUMMER – this season, SUMMER, indicates a time to assimilate the birth of spring in changes within the mind. The hot sun beats down upon us as we enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Days are longer and nights warm and welcoming. There is no need to hibernate and turn inward during the months of summer. This is the time where adventures await, gatherings with loved ones and friends take place, and life feels airy and breezy. Summer’s energy is full force within and all around us.

FALL – the chance to go indoors for introspection of changes occurs in FALL. The season to be thankful for all the wonderful experiences we have embarked upon approaches us with beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow. Fall is when we begin to wind down and start preparing for the new year. Fall’s energy is soothing and relaxing. It is during this time of year we feel a shift in our energy state from vigorous and dynamic to delicate and soft.

WINTER – this season represents the period in which one finds themselves physically indoors or locked in mentally, with a low cycle, to consider the change(s) spring may bring. Some people find themselves feeling dull and depressed during this season but it’s important to remember light and spring are just around the corner. While winter’s energy is cold and dark, the season provides a great opportunity to focus on Self and enjoy the benefits meditation and quiet time have on our souls. 

Now that we understand the highs and lows of the different seasons, we can use this information, the PATTERNS in our lives, to enhance our well-being using self-care techniques as described above.

Figure 1 below illustrates the cycles of the average person that has limited to no knowledge of high and low cycles. This person is more or less in the grips of a collective psychic energy that binds him to the highs and lows of society around him.

Ø If society as a collective is prospering, so to does he prosper; if not, he lives from day to day.

Ø The high cycles only come around every so often, and the low cycles with greater frequency.

Ø The highs therefore, seem higher, and the lows lower.

Ø This type of individual does little or nothing within his mind to control the peaks and valleys in his/her life, leaving them instead to the COLLECTIVE CHANCE OF SOCIETY. 


Figure 2 below illustrates the cycles of a negative person.

Ø The cycles of a negative individual is that of a perpetually declining one.

Ø Each high is not as high as the previous and each low is lower than before.

Ø The mind vibrates to the energy tune of chronic failure.

Ø This type of person considers the highs as not really all that good, but rather as merely a breather before the next low period of failure and frustration comes back around.

Figure 3 below is known as the balancing cycle. This type of cycle illustrates the life of an individual that has an understanding of high and low cycles. Using a combination of maintaining a positive attitude about themselves and
life, positive thought programming, energy therapy, and transcendent meditation, tends to balance the high and low cycles in this person’s life.

Ø The life flow of a person practicing self-care techniques adjusts itself to a psychic equilibrium.

Ø When a low cycle presents itself, it is not much of a psychic dip in conditions.

Ø At the same time, the high cycle, when it arrives, is not an over-reaction.

Ø Overtime, this balancing of the mind leads to the PROGRESSIVE CYCLE (figure 4), which should last a lifetime provided the individual continues to practice self-care techniques.


Figure 4 below illustrates what is known as the PROGRESSIVE CYCLE in which the individual is on a steady upward climb in their life. Each high is higher than the previous, and each low ceases to be as low as the one before. Like the
balancing cycle shown above, this individual does not fall far down, even during the midst of a low cycle.


Guidelines For Achieving Balancing & Progressive Cycles

Whenever you feel you are entering a DOWN cycle (e.g., winter is approaching), use the time to program your mind with positive thoughts. Monitor your thinking and nullify all negative thoughts.

Ø This will build a positive psychic energy reservoir in your unconscious mind that results in your next high cycle going higher than your previous high cycle.

Ø  Similarly, when you start a low cycle, it will not go as low as the previous low cycle because there will be no place in your unconscious thought patterns for it.

It’s important to remember that low cycles are not reversals in your life. They do not mean you are taking a step backwards. Low cycles should be thought of as learning opportunities as well a chance to assimilate the results of your previous high cycle and a time to prepare your mind for the next upcoming cycle.

It is equally important when you are in an UP cycle you don’t relax your self-care practices of maintaining a positive attitude, practicing positive thought programming, receiving energy therapy, and performing transcendent meditation. In fact, it is during this time you should be programming positive thoughts, receiving energy therapy sessions, and meditating more often so that you can obtain the very highest accomplishments in the high cycle you are in.

 When you find yourself in a Low Cycle repeat the following affirmation while in a state of meditation:

“I am assimilating the results of my previous high cycle and am preparing my mind for new growth in my next high cycle through the Presence of my Higher Power within.”

 When you find yourself in a High Cycle repeat the following affirmation while in a state of meditation:

“My consciousness is under the Direction of my Higher Self within to reach the zenith of my present high cycle.”

Programming Suggestions For Positive Changes

Take a little time each day to go into meditation and program your subconscious mind with one or all of the following affirmations. Remember, every word you speak and every thought you think is vibrational energy. Your words and thoughts will either cleanse or poison the psychic atmosphere and set into motion a vibrational force that will attract like unto itself. If your words and/or thoughts are positive, you will create a healing, harmonious, and beautiful vibrational energy throughout your body and into the atmosphere around you. The same holds true for negative thoughts and words. Speak or think in a negative manner and you will create a self-destructive vibration throughout your body and into the atmosphere around you.

“Positive change in my life is mine already through my attunement to the Positive Universal Law of Change.”

“My mind vibrates to the positive changes in the universe in individual life.”

“As the universe creates positive new changes, I create positive new changes in my individual life via the universe working through my mind.”

“My subconscious mind is open to impressions from my Higher Mind for the creation of positive new mental patterns for effective changes in my life.”

“I have forgiven all and everyone in my life and therefore my mind is freed to move into new positive changes.”

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