The Chakra System

Chakras are subtle energy centers that allow us, as physical Beings, to communicate with our external world and how our external world communicates with our internal Self. These specialized energy collection and transmission centers shift energy from a higher to a lower vibration and vice versa.

The chakra system originated in India more than four thousand years ago. Chakras, like feelings and ideas, are not physical entities in themselves and cannot be held like a physical object. They are the embodiment of spiritual energy with patterns programmed deep in the core of the Spirit-Mind-Body interface.

There are many chakras in and around our bodies. Numerous minor chakras can be found throughout our body. Essentially every joint, palms of our hands, tips of our fingers, soles of our feet, and on every organ. We have 7 major chakras that exist along the main branching’s of our nervous system and are each associated with an endocrine gland. The major chakras include the root (coccygeal nerve plexus, associated with adrenals), sacral (sacral nerve plexus, associated with gonads (testes in males, ovaries in females), solar plexus (solar nerve plexus, associated with pancreas), heart (cardiac plexus associated with our thymus endocrine gland), throat energy center (cervical ganglia medulla associated with thyroid gland), brow chakra (carotid plexus, pineal gland), and our crown chakra (cerebral cortex plexus, associated with the pituitary gland).

Think of these centers as your operating system with each chakra coded with a specific program. For example, your root chakra contains your survival program, the sacral chakra your sexual program and center for emotions, the heart center contains the code for your relationship program, your throat is your language program, brow center visual program and your crown center your belief system program.

There are many reasons why your energy system may be blocked or in an unbalanced state. Illness, injury, negative thoughts, misunderstandings, relationship issues, poor nutrition, lack of movement, emotional pain, spiritual concerns, and childhood issues or traumas are all examples of how your energy system can become overactive, underactive, and/or blocked.

Chakras are developed along the lines of physical development. For example, the root chakra developmental stage is from the 2nd trimester to 12 months, the sacral 6 months to 2 years, solar plexus 18 month to 4 years, heart 4 to 7 years, throat 7 to 12 years, brow adolescence and the crown chakra early adulthood and after.

You are pure energy! Some of that energy manifests as your physical body, and some manifests as your spiritual or etheric body. We are all varying manifestations of the one true source inhabiting a physical body with specific energy systems that connect our physical to the etheric. It is within these energy systems we can create balance and harmony to bring about healing. Working with the Auric body, also known as the biofield in the scientific community, we can bring overactive (excess) energy states in balance, underactive (deficient) energy states in balance as well remove any blocked, stagnated, energy. When our energy flows freely, unhindered, in a balanced fashion, the result is health, happiness, and harmony.

Using techniques such as energy therapy, meditation, affirmations, breathing, physical exercise and visualizations, we can influence our chakras, our health and our lives.

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